ROI for your marketing is crucial to success. Learn about 3 types of small business marketing models and how it impacts your bottom line.

Email Marketing and Social Media Engagement combined with Search Engine Optimized Website and properly integrated into your overall business marketing strategy can be a difference between business success and necessity to downsize. Internet is here and whether you like it or not – your potential customers use it each and every day to…

Find Services Or Small Businesses Who Provide Solutions!

And allow me to illustrate the point by discussing three most common scenarios…

Business #1 – Traditional Local Small Business

A traditional small business locally own and operated, perhaps even with some form of IT support provided by some company or by in-house guy or girl with some technical knowledge (not very common but does exists).

This business uses all the traditional methods of marketing:

  • Print ads with promotions and coupons (costly option) with limited tracking but does give business ability to actually know Return On Investment (ROI) if properly implemented
  • Radio Adsno tracking at all so you never know if it produces results and yet it can be quite costly although helpful with brand name recognition.
  • Local TV ads – most expensive options but if properly done – highly targeted to your market. No tracking whatsoever and ROI is guesstimated at best!
  • Website – this one might exist or not but in 99% of the small businesses it’s either built by someone who knows how to use some WYSIWYG application with absolutely No Idea on how to properly design it to ensure good ranking in search engines or created by someone who managed to get a grasp on some of the aspects of proper site building. It might look good and even function to some degree but… I usually compare these types of websites to a billboard placed on some back-road seen only by incidental passerby.

Problem with this model is that in most cases business has no way of tracking results (ROI) for their advertising campaign and if website actually exists – it does nothing to help this business. Unless a visitor who found this site takes immediate action (call or visit physical location, if that info is even available) – they simply click away and lost forever.

Our years of working with websites have shown that an average business site had a “bounce rate” of 97%. Meaning that 97% will click away without reading beyond initial page visited unless some form of interaction, lead capture process is properly integrated. Internet encourages Social Interaction and provides simple ways to provide it! People love sharing their opinion and as result – website “bounce rates” are decreased! Business #2 addresses this problem.

Business #2 – Small Business With Good Site And Social Media Integration

This type of business uses all the marketing methods above but with a HUGE difference.

  • Website Properly Optimized for Search Engines and Integrated With Social Network Sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps outsourced creation or done in-house but this business has a huge leg-up on our first Small  Business scenario for a couple simple reasons:

1. Website designed to rank in search engines for a terms that describe your core services, your business name and commonly used by your potential customers can ACTUALLY be found by those people! Going back to my analogy with billboard – this one is like an AD placed smack down in the middle of your town and seen by your potential clients. Now it works in your favor and not only builds brand recognition but also gets you much needed traffic.

2. Social Network sites are HUGE! Just in case you missed it – all major business, news networks now commonly provide information on how to get in touch with them on Social Network sites with Facebook and Twitter being most common. And there are some VERY compelling reasons behind it:

  • Social Network Sites are where you customers are. According to Facebook report:
    • Facebook’s US user base grew from 42 million in 2009 to 103 million in 2010. That’s a 144.9% growth rate!
    • The 35+ demographic now represents more than 30% of the entire user base.
    • The 55+ audience grew a whopping 922.7% in 2010.
  • Twitter is seeing very similar growth patterns to Facebook.
  • Nielsen published stats showing that “three of the world’s most popular brands online are social-media related (Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia) and the world now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites. This equates to 22 percent of all time online or one in every four and half minutes. For the first time ever, social network or blog sites are visited by three quarters of global consumers who go online, after the numbers of people visiting these sites increased by 24% over last year. The average visitor spends 66% more time on these sites than a year ago, almost 6 hours in April 2010 versus 3 hours, 31 minutes last year.

Small Business #2 in this scenario is fully taking advantage of the trends and instead of chasing potential customers using print, radio and TV ads also positioned itself to engage customers on sites where they already spend time.

3. Build brand recognition and customer engagement and trust. By properly integrating Social Network Marketing this business manages to engage potential customer not only via all the standard advertising but also by engaging them in normal conversation, using media  perceived by potential customers as more “trust worthy.”

How It Helps Business #2?

In this scenario when a customer finds site through search engine search, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing they are not only presented with solution and useful content but also with options to interact with the site:

  • Provide feedback via comments system, moderated by business owner. Instant input from your customer to help you learn how you can improve your business or discover new opportunities!
  • Share your content on Social Media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter by simply clicking a button. Viral traffic to this business without any extra effort!
  • Option to follow this business on Social Networks and get updates on any new content published or promotions! Can you see the potential of instant marketing based on trust already established with customer?

Business #2 is a model for a solution we provide with our “Pro Hosting” plan. We design a professional looking and functional site based on needs and request, integrate social media marketing. All this business has to do is publish a small piece of content or a promotion and it will be automatically announced to all 3 major search engines, posted to your Facebook Page and your Twitter account.

One action ensures engagement of your potential customers on multiple levels! But however advanced this process is – there is a MORE complete solution.

Business #3 – Search Engine Optimized Site, Social Media and eMail Marketing Integrated

This business is using opportunities provided by Internet to a full extent! And reason behind it – REPEAT customers! A type of customer that is Holy Grail for any small business as you don’t have to convince them in superiority of your product or service as you already have one important aspect established with this customer – TRUST!

This customer already bought a product or service from Business #3 and he has 3 things firmly established with this business:

  • They KNOW this business
  • They LIKE this business
  • They TRUST this business

…otherwise they wouldn’t buy product or service in first place!

But in order to get this repeat customer Business #3 uses advanced strategy – email marketing! And I’m not talking about email that could be confused with the SPAM! This customers actually not only REQUESTED to send them email notifications but have CONFIRMED that request!

Here is how process works in this case, I’ll explain it in details below image:

email-social-media-seo-site-integrationProcess flows for this business like this:

  1. Customer finds Business #3 website either on one of the Search Engines or social networks that this business properly integrated into process and goes to the business’s website (RED ARROW)
  2. Once customers arrives to the site – they find a solution to their problem and perhaps even got some interest in the offer. If they don’t take action right now and either call business or go to its physical location (GOLD ARROW) – 99% of these visitors will never come back. It is a simple statistics. But not in case with our Business #3! When customer arrives to their site – they are presented with option to subscribe to email notifications and INSTANTLY get a Discount Coupon that this business tracks for conversion stats (BLUE ARROW).
  3. Customer takes the Discount Offer on service or product they were already considering anyway and completes subscription process. Now Business #3 has confirmed request from this customer to contact them with future promotions! (BLUE ARROW to Email Client)
  4. Business #3 has a new promotion running and instead of spending thousands of dollars on offline ads – they simply publish a quick “Promotion Announcement” on their site, using process already set up and tested to work.
  5. Website automatically posts notifications to (GREEN DOUBLE-HEADED ARROWS):
    • Google, Yahoo, Bing that new content is available and gets indexed into search results and made available to people who search for solutions
    • Posted to Facebook page in form of notification and made instantly accessible to a HUGE number of people who use it as well as current followers of the Business #3 Facebook Page. Creates an important link back to business site to help with Search Engine Ranking.
    • Posted to Twiter profile and announced to your followers and also ensures quicker indexing by search engines (yes, this fact plays HUGE role in getting you content noticed by them) and also made available to people who search this social network for their own solutions!
    • Sent via email to people who have chosen to receive notifications from this business.

As you can see above – Business #3 doesn’t have to spend a dime to run its promotions once they start to build a base of subscribers interested in their offer or services and get them to use their services or buy products again and again! (GOLD ARROW FROM EMAIL CLIENT)

If Business #3 doesn’t have to spend a dime on advertising and can announce promotions to their base of repeat customers or leads who have shown interest in their offer and explicitly permitted to send them this type of notification – what do you think this business is Return On Investment?

Business #3 Marketing Strategy is what we offer with our VIP Hosting option because we know this Web Marketing System works and we have experience developing these types of solutions!

As part of our VIP Hosting we also teach business how to convert people who physically contacted you or visited your store into your email subscribers and as result REPEAT buyers! From that point they are integrated into process described above and help you quickly improve your Advertisements ROI or perhaps even replace traditional methods all together!

Which Marketing Type Do You Choose For Your Business?

This is where you have to make a decision for yourself! Obviously 3 Types of Business Marketing listed here are simplified for the sake of the idea sharing – you should be able to see the benefits that Business #2 and Business #3 get.

If Improved ROI on your marketing dollars are something you are interested in – simply contact us for a FREE QUOTE.

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