I know you are busy running your business and really have no time to get into the blog creation and the whole blogging aspect of your web property but…

Blog is NOT just a web journal!

…as it is still perceived by many!

In fact blogs have developed way past that point and these days are used by big and small business alike to achieve some very important goals:

  • Blog is an excellent tool to build positive brand name recognition and familiarity. Majority of the web content your create on your site is not really personal but a business oriented! Blog, added to your site will simply help you add a personal touch, that is crucial these days! People do business with other people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST!

  • Blog allows your humanize your business. This is very important aspect missed by many… I’m sure when you are running your offline business you make your best effort to get to know your customers and also make sure they know you! Same approach applies to the web. Do you think people would rather deal with “Beauty Shop, Inc” or Angela Smith, an owner of “Beauty Shop, Inc” who takes the time to post some helpful information, establishes a two way communication BEFORE potential customer ever had a chance to visit her shop?
  • Search Engine Ranking benefits! Blog, working side-by-side with your business site can greatly improve your ranking in search engines. Addition of fresh and unique content to your blog on regular bases (even if its just once a month) gives search engines reasons to re-visit your site and make sure it doesn’t drop from ranking. Personal perspective shared in blog posts also helps you build incoming links to your overall web properly, as people love to share it and provide you with backlinks, so important for ranking – all for free and naturally!
  • Blog Positions You As An Expert! We all like to get service or products from experts, who know what they are doing and talking about. Blog is a tool that allows you to accomplish this task very easily! Simply provide information relevant to your core product or service and as your blog grows – people who read it begin to perceive you as an expert in your field.

Sites created and hosted on LocalWebHub.com using WordPress CMS, highly customized but still providing a native support for blogs! If you choose to take the path of adding blog to your site – it will have same look and feel as the rest of your web property! Option to add a blog is also available to you anytime – at no additional cost!

In fact “News” section of this site is a Blog! Blog that we use to communicate important messages outside of the constrains of formal business site.

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