Calm Yoga Studio Studio transformation was a project to convert an existing static HTML website of a prominent and fast growing Yoga and Massage Studio in Philadelphia into a modern, dynamic website optimized for functionality and search engine visibility. While the business owner Paula Edge was satisfied with the design of the original website, she was looking to add an array of interactive features, such as feedback, ratings, Facebook and Twitter integration and official company blog, all while maintaining the existing color scheme and company logos.  Ease of maintenance was one of the primary concerns as well.

becalmbewell studio portfolio

Professional And Consistent Site Design

The static website was migrated to a modern content management system, powered by WordPress.  Local Web Hub Web Design provided and customized a “theme” based on the elements of the original design, which allowed integration of all the features requested by the client, while maintaining consistently-professional look across all areas of the website.

A custom “slider” was created for the front page of the website in order to highlight some of the services offered by the studio, while showcasing yoga sessions in-progress (images were provided by the studio owner).

Enhanced Functionality

One of the main goals of the site redesign was to allow the admittedly non-computer-friendly studio owner to modify and add new content to the website with ease, which was accomplished by the implementation of the content management system.  Here are some other requirements and highlights of this project:

  • The design of the new website was taking place while the original website was up and running with virtually zero downtime.
  • Simple and consistent site navigation
  • Custom pricing table to highlight the offered services
  • Integration of official company blog
  • Social media integration: Facebook, Twitter
  • Addition of Customer reviews section
  • List of external resources where customers can find information about the studio: Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare
  • Optimization of all available pages for search engine visibility based on targeted key phrases
  • Integration of statistics and tracking
  • …and more!  Please visit the site to see for yourself!

The project was completed and delivered on time and on the allotted budget.

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  1. Thanks so much for your insight and wisdom into this. I’m a massive yoga fan and agree with you that yoga truly has the energy to transform all areas of or lives :) .

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