internet marketing for small businessOur internet marketing for small business service encompasses a full range options to establish brand name recognition and improve targeted traffic to your site, converting visitors to customers.

It is no longer enough to simply have a website, with a fierce competition you have to have a web presence in social media sites, such as Facebook, micro blogs such as Twitter, video sharing sites such as Youtube, and many other places where your potential customers spend an increasing amount of time. Each custom built site takes advantage of our Pro hosting plan and is fully integrated and setup to auto-publish to these popular networks and many others.

The VIP Hosting option expands even further and integrates a cost saving email marketing option. If your business relies on repeat customers for revenue – this is a must to create a trust factor with your customers and also enables you to send promotions with a simple click to a readily available customer base.

Internet Marketing for Small Business Using E.C.H.O Method

Unlike majority of competitors we provide internet marketing for small business services using our own, proprietary method that we call…



EExpert Opinion or Advice provided directly by small business owner designed to not only establish a solid presence on the web but also provide a voice of authority and recognition before your potential customer has a chance to actually see you or use your services. Goes a long way toward building incredible credibility and establishing trust between you and your potential customer.

CConsistent Presentation across multiple web properties to ensure that information provided on the web, social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter), video sharing sites (such as Youtube), podcast sites (iTunes, etc), Press Releases and many others is always consistent with your business presentation. Not only does it establish you as voice of authority but also helps you avoid any possible legal liabilities for improper information created on YOUR behalf.

HHuman-verifiable content is extremely important. Goal of our service is not just get you ranking high on search engines, which will be accomplished as part of our work but also make information used to achieve that goal actually useful to your potential customers. Reach your potential customers across multiple web properties and not just bring them to your site but pre-sell them on idea that YOU ARE the expert in the field who can solve their problem, provide a solution or sell a product most appropriate for their needs!

OObvious Consumer Choice. Internet is impersonal and your potential customers have many options which they compare. One of the best ways to separate yourself from competition is by making YOU and OBVIOUS CHOICE because you are the expert who can help. Our E.C.H.O method was created to establish that point and build the trust with your potential customer before they ever give you a call.

A More Detailed Look at the Process…

Social Media Presence and Marketing

Your customers spend an ever increasing amount of time browsing social network and web 2.0 sites and building your presence in those web properties can be extremely time consuming and yet, absolutely necessary. Not only can you miss out on free traffic and qualified leads generated from those sites – but it can also have a negative impact on your overall ranking in search engines!

In the recent post Why Social Media Should Be Part Of Marketing Strategy? I have outlined some extremely important details on how social media can impact multiple aspects of your website and your target goals.

Here is how we approach this problem and provide a solution:

  1. Each custom designed website we create includes no additional cost for a service where we create a multitude of accounts on most popular social media sites.
  2. We integrate the social media into your site to allow content to be easily shared on social networks for viral traffic.
  3. We integrate social media publishing into your overall site so each time you publish a new page it will automatically go and create status updates or post with a link to your content. Each time you hit publish – you will automatically send notifications to all the social media sites we integrate for you – no extra work required on your part!
  4. If you already have existing social media profiles, such as a Facebook page or Twitter account – we integrate that into the process instead of creating new accounts, so you don’t loose any previous social marketing efforts.

NOTE: Social media accounts creation and integration for automated publishing is available by default to all our customers who chose to have a custom site built. If you are using our “Build a Free Business Website” option we can still provide this integration for a one time fee of $150.

Email Marketing Option

As a small business owner you can recognize the value of repeat customers. Customers are not only willing to purchase from you or use your services time and time again but also – recommend you to their friends and colleagues. The value of repeat, loyal customers can not be underestimated and your relationship relies on 3 important factors:

  1. They KNOW you
  2. They LIKE you
  3. They TRUST you

Under normal conditions you build upon your face to face interaction and it is simple to establish the rapport with your customer. Unfortunately Internet is quite a different beast! One that you have to tame just right in order to accomplish what comes natural when you work with customer face to face.

Consider this – when your potential customer searches the web, most of the time they are not looking for you.  They are looking to satisfy their need. You need your page to be properly optimized, and show up as one of the top results on the Google search page.

People Are Searching For Solution to Their Problems

They are most interested in what you can do for them to address whatever issue they might have and when they arrive to your site – they DON”T KNOW YOU! But it gets even worse for you because internet gives your potential customer opportunity to search and compare!  This opportunity most often leads them away from your site = in 99% of the cases this means a lost lead and potential customer. All your work and expenses on getting this visitor (potential customer) to you site are lost!

Now imagine same situation but when a person arrives to your site – they are instantly presented (via unblockable web form we create for you) an option to:

  • Save XX% on the product or service…
  • Offer to beat any competition price…
  • Free guide to “solution to their biggest problem”…
  • … you choose what type of offer most popular with your customers in this case…

All in exchange for an email subscription! Even if you potential customer leaves your site after that – you have their contact information and most importantly – explicit permission to send them similar offers via email!  From this point on you start building your list of leads.

A list you can easily send new promotions to – without any additional expense!

But this list is also extremely valuable as it gives you opportunity to build the 3 factors mentioned above: KNOW, LIKE, TRUST. All on complete autopilot!

Any customer who chooses our VIP Hosting gets a cost saving option to have email marketing integration added into their site. Each time you create a new content – it will go not only to social media sites but will also be sent via email to your list of leads. Be it an informational page or a coupon offer, we can actually tailor different styles of emails based on what type of content you publish. All with the single click of a mouse button.

As part of our service we also send you via email a complete Excel report, so you can see the results of your email marketing and tailor your promotions based on actual response!

Instead of spending money on print ads – you simply publish your ad on your website and it goes to your customers, directly to their inbox and with their explicit permission!

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a VERY important part of developing your web presence because it provides your business website with free traffic. For each and every business we develop a custom plan for this process, as no business is same as others and we don’t believe in cookie-cutter approach.

Our goal and guarantee – we get you on first page of search results for key phrases that will bring you customers and will do  what is needed to get you there.

Because our service is unique to each business and customized according to your goals, budget and results desired – there is no single definitive price but you can see sample pricing structure based on most common needs here – SEO (SEM) Pricing Details.

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